The Stepping Stones Foundation is guided by a fundamental commitment to improving the lives of high school aged young adults in our Douglas, Carroll and Paulding County service areas.  This non–profit organization was born from a sincere desire to help the westside metropolitan Atlanta community with educational resources. We understand that having a college education is more important than ever and unfortunately it is more expensive than ever.  The Stepping Stones Foundation is committed to helping potential college students overcome financial obstacles to a college education.


The mission of Stepping Stones is to identify, obtain, and direct resources to implement and support programs and activities that enhance the lives of individuals, particularly youth, within the counties of Douglas, Carroll and Paulding.


Paving the way for tomorrow's leaders one step at a time.


Our core values are Commitment, Collaboration, Community and Consistency.  We are committed to collaborate with the community and community sponsors to uplift and provide support to youths in our service area through consistent involvement and interaction as needed.

The Foundation

Since 2014, the Stepping Stones Foundation has served students in the west Georgia area that are on the road to furthering their education.  Investing in our youth and providing an equal opportunity for all can potentially help to alleviate some of the educational and social ills that negatively impact our community and chances to succeed. It is an amazing opportunity to build a better educated, more productive workforce and community of citizens for the future.

                                                                             -Frederick Perry, President


Executive Committee

Dave Beasley Scholarship



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The Stepping Stones Foundation awards the Dave Beasley Scholarship on an annual basis to five high school seniors, aspiring to attend college, in the Douglas, Carroll and Pauling Counties who have demonstrated outstanding achievements and moral character in their school and community.

David Beasley
Scholarship Chairman & Namesake


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A Message from our President

"Three Prong Approach"

The foundation’s Three Prong Approach to our community includes the following:

  • 1) A focus on community service and sustainable, measured results.
  • 2) The Foundation is nonpartisan and actively seeks relevant partnerships with organizations both public and private, from the highest levels of government to fortune 500 corporations.
  • 3) The Foundation believes that people can and will take the necessary steps to improve their condition if provided the necessary skills, knowledge, and access to resources.




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